DR. NICHOLAS BRYCH (March 8, 1930 – January 11, 1985)

            No one is born with the knowledge of what he or she will make of ones’ life.  Little did Nicholas Brych know that he would be a devoted servant of God.  He was born on March 8, 1930 in a village in the Ukraine.  At the age of 16, he moved with his family to Germany, where after the war he studied in a Ukrainian school.  In 1950, he came to the New World and settled in the Toronto area in Canada.  Retrospectively, one could see that God had special intentions for this human being.

            Once established in this new country, he started visiting the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church of Toronto and through the evangelism of the church, he accepted Christ into his heart as his own personal Lord and Savior.  After his baptism the following year, he played an active role in the church by being a choir member, and participating in the youth group.  Also, he led the young people for 4 years as their President.  He enjoyed working with children, which was evident as he taught many children Ukrainian at a local Ukrainian school.  In addition to the list of activities, he was a Sunday School teacher of the adult class for 10 years.  Between 1957 and 1962, he was the choir director at which time the album “God’s Love” was released.  Brother Brych answered God’s call and started his Christian life in an effective way.

            Later on, Rev. Brych was invited to a pastorship in the Ukrainian Baptist Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  He ministered in that church from 1963 to 1970, once again leading an active life in this local body of Christ.  In addition to his role as Pastor, he was director of the church choir.  Also in the years at Winnipeg, he organized a youth choir and worked earnestly with the youth group.  With his talent in music, a quartet was organized which released three albums used even today in the missionary field.  Rev. Brych was always interested in any method that would enable God’s Word to be proclaimed among the people.  With this thought driving him always, he hosted a gospel radio program to reach many.  This instilled thought of evangelism enable him to be one of several to initiate the purchase of the Ukrainian publishing house “Doroha Prawdy” of which he was the administrator from its start in 1968 to 1970.

            No one would doubt that Nicholas Brych was a man of God, but what also made him respected in the eyes of many men was his educational background.  Rev. Brych received his primary theological education at the Bible College of Toronto in Canada between 1957 and 1960 while serving the church in several capacities at the same time.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the Mennonite Brethren Bible College in Winnipeg.  The thirst for more knowledge brought him to the University of Manitoba in 1969 where he also taught the Russian language for two years as an Associate Professor.  In 1973, he received his Master’s degree from the same university and a short time later, received his PhD from the University of Ottawa.

            All education and knowledge he gained gave him several opportunities of becoming a full-time staff member in various colleges and universities in Canada, but he would not leave his beloved Ukrainian brethren.  He did everything in his power to help the Ukrainian people.  A medium which he used was literature.  He played an active role in the “Messenger of Truth” publication as well as the “Christian Herald” magazine.  His love of music was also used in reaching people for Christ.  He translated countless songs into the Ukrainian language.  As a result, five songbooks were released containing his work.

            Dr. Brych’s missionary field was not limited only to the United States and Canada, but reached to the Ukraine and in his final years extended to South America.  He was a much requested speaker in local churches of both Canada and the States as well as a seminar speaker at numerous conventions and conferences especially at the Ukrainian Bible Camp in Peterborough, Canada.

            During his last years he lived in Vineland, NJ., where he also helped a great deal in the life of the Ukrainian Baptist Church in that city.  In 1983, he was invited to pastor the First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church of Crum Lynne, PA., and on June 19 of the same year, he was officially installed as Pastor of this church.  As one who worked with him personally in Crum Lynne, I would praise his pastorship and say that it was a pleasant and effective one.  We enjoyed many evenings of fellowship and study in God’s Word.  He directed the church sponsored radio program in the Philadelphia vicinity.  Most vividly I recall his support and encouragement of me as the only young person in the church.  He urged me to become more involved and to organize youth services in my home church.  He loved the Ukrainian youth and looked to us as the hope of the future; as preservation of the Ukrainian heritage.  I enjoyed working with Brother Brych even for that short time until his death on January 11, 1985.  His physical body has died but he left behind a remembrance of himself that makes him immortal in the hearts of men.  But more importantly, he made a decision which allows his soul to be with the Lord forever.  WALTER PATRUN

[Originally published in HORIZONS, AUEBYF PUBLICATION, 1985, PG 8]


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