Rev. John Dumych (August 4, 1915 - April 22, 1992)


NIAGARA FALLS, ON – On April 22, 1992, the Lord called Rev. John Dumych home.  John Dumych was born in beautiful Ukraine on August 4, 1915 in the small farming village of Paharysko.  His parents were Greek Orthodox.  When John was born, his father Mykola was away serving in the army during World War I, and when John was only a few months old, his father was killed in battle.  He had two older brothers, and all three of them were brought up in the Greek Orthodox faith.

      When John became a teenager, he realized a sense of emptiness in his life and with a suggestion from his mother, he decided to become a priest, so he entered a  monastery to train for the priesthood.  This turned out to be a great disappointment for him because the life which he saw in the monastery was not as holy as he expected, so he left.  He became very disillusioned at this time, so when a Baptist preacher came to his village and held services, young John became very interested in what he heard and began attending meetings.  He accepted the Lord as his personal Saviour at the age of 16.  Despite persecution from his family, he never wavered from his faith.  He was given a Bible and he memorized many chapters of Scripture.  His witnessing in his village was difficult at first, but one by one souls were won to Christ.  He even organized a choir and by the time he was to leave for the U.S. to study in seminary, a small church was organized.

     He came to the U.S. in 1937 to study for the ministry and then planned to return to his homeland as a missionary, but war broke out and he became a man without a country, forcing him to remain in the U.S.A.  He arrived in the U.S. in July, 1937 with $5.00 in his pocket and because his visa was expired, was detained at Ellis Island for a few weeks until a professor was able to help him out with his problems.  He attended International Seminary in Bloomfield, NJ, and also Eastern Baptist Seminary.  During summer vacations, he was invited to visit churches in Western Canada.  He met his wife Ann on one of his visits and they were married in 1944.

     While still in school, he was student pastor in Frackville, PA at the Pollsh-Ukrainian Baptist Church where he was ordained by the PA Baptist Convention in 1943.  When he completed his studies, he accepted a call to serve at the Virgil (Ontario) Baptist Church in 1945 and at the same time he served the Ukrainian Baptist Church in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  In 1949 he resigned in Virgil and remained at the Niagara Falls Church until his retirement in 1989.  At  this time his health was declining, and with great sorrow he had to leave the work that was his life to him.

     During his ministry in Ontario, he was vice president of the Ukrainian Baptist Fellowship of Eastern Canada for many years as well as president for eight years.  He published a book of sermons, wrote devotional articles for three different church magazines and frequently preached on “Voice of Truth” (WHLD radio station).

     He and Ann had three wonderful children: Glory Ann, Ellen and Daniel.  Glory Ann went to be with the Lord at age six.  Ellen and Daniel were a blessing to their father as they helped in church as pianists.  He was very proud of each of his children and his dear grandchildren.

     His weakened strength began to slowly take its toll on his energy, but he continued his writings to a Christian periodical.  His last article was “What the Cross of Christ Means to Me” which he completed a few weeks before entering the hospital.

     He looked longingly to the day when he would see his Master, One whom he served so faithfully and loved with all his heart.  His earthly journey ended April 22, 1992 at 1:05 a.m. and he entered into the presence of his Lord and Saviour.

     Funeral services were held on April 25, 1992.  Special music was presented by Nick Zawacki, his son Daniel brought the memorial, and Pastors D. McGrath and J. Iwaskiw officiated.

     A luncheon followed at Calvary Baptist Church at which time his daughter Ellen remembered her father in a wonderful speech.  The following is an excerpt from it:

     “When I think of my Dad, I remember his love for his family, and his tremendous love for the Lord and things of the Lord.

     When I was very little I remember how we would take the bus downtown (we didn’t have a car), and walk across Rainbow bridge, and up all those many stone steps to go to church on Jepson Street.  I thought it was a fun game, and my sister and I pretended we were in a fancy stone castle.  Dad carried me on his shoulders a lot of the time because I was too little to climb that many big steps.  You would think that Dad would have been tired by then, but when he got to church, he taught the Sunday School class, and then church too.  Not only that, he even led the singing.  We stood around a bit after church and talked to everybody, then began our trudge back down the hill to Rainbow Bridge to catch the bus back home.  Through winter’s cold, summer’s heat, through rain and snow, we did this for years and never do I remember Dad complaining.  The work of the Lord was so important to him...

     ...We went to many church conferences at different Ukrainian Baptist Churches all over the U.S. and Canada.  I always thought the traveling was a lot of fun and I was impressed how many people Dad knew everywhere.  When we had a conference at our church, it was an extra special treat.  Dad loved listening to all the different choirs singing, and he enjoyed so much to join in.  I remember how he and Mr. Bartkiw would have such a good time happily singing “When They Ring Those Golden Bells for You and Me”....

     ....My Dad gave me many things.  He gave me what he could of material things, he gave me a sense of humour, he gave me love and encouragement and support, but most of all he taught me to love the Lord, and that was the richest and most valuable legacy anyone could leave his child.

     Thank you, Dad, I love you.

     See you in heaven, my wonderful precious dad.”

     “...Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God our Father.”  - I Thessalonians 1:3  

[CHALLENGER: Published BY THE Western Canadian Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Conference English Fellowship., Vol. 23, No. 4-6, April-June 1992, page 8] 

Peter and his father drove to Niagara Falls, NY, on April 25, 1992, and attended the funeral service of Rev. John Dumych.


Peter dedicates this song played by Oksana Kostiw-Woytowicz, to Mrs. Dumych in memory of her dear husband, Rev. John Dumych who pastored the Niagara Falls Ukrainian Baptist Church and served the Ukrainian Ev. Baptist Association of Eastern Canada for many years as well.  Visit the UBHC YouTube Channel to watch.

  • Showers of Blessing  (1:39 secs) 


In 1988, DORAHA PRAWDY PUBLISHERS, published Rev. John Dumych's book, TO THE GLORY OF GOD.

                      TO THE GLORY

                             OF GOD

   A collection of inspirational articles


                  Rev. John Dumych

                     Published by


           Toronto - 1988 - Canada

                        268 pages


This book is a collection of 27 Articles previously published in Ukrainian Baptist Magazines.  Anyone wishing to financially support the translation of this book into English, or selected articles, can contact or call our ministry office at 647-518-7323.



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