[Written by Alex Harbuziuk and published by the AUEBF in 1980.  Please note that this was written prior to Ukraine’s independence in 1991 and has been edited as much as possible to reflect the current political and religious situation in Ukraine today.]


The All-Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Fellowship [AUEBF] represents Ukrainian Baptists on the international level.

It coordinates the worldwide ministries of associations of Ukrainian Baptist Churches and various church-related organizations and institutions located in countries of the Free World.

Ukrainians derive from Ukraine – a Slavic nation of some 50 million people situated in Eastern Europe. In area, it is larger than most European countries.  Ukraine – although [once] a captive nation of Russian communism – is not a geographical part of Russia.  The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was one of the 15 members of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic [USSR].

Ukrainians form a distinct nationality with their own language, culture and history.  More than 3,000,000 people of Ukrainian descent reside in the Free World.  The greatest numerical strength of the All-Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Fellowship lies in the United States and Canada.  However, it also represents dozens of congregations in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, England, France, Germany and Paraguay.

The AUEBF also represented the religious sentiments of more than 2,000,000 Baptist believers in Ukraine, when they were denied the freedom to worship God.  They exercised their faith under persecution that often led to loss of jobs, expulsion from universities, exile to Siberia, imprisonment and even death.

Ukrainian Baptists believe in the Bible as the infallible Word of God and as their guide in worshipping God the Creator of the universe and the Redeemer of those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.

Ukrainian Baptists believe that faith in God is an individual, conscious choice of a person who is baptized, according to the Scriptures, by immersion as the result of a personal testimony of faith in God.

The AUEBF promotes Baptist ideals and principles by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Ukrainians in their native language.  This is accomplished through preaching in churches, publishing and distributing printed materials, broadcasting radio programs, producing musical recordings and other activities.

The AUEBF coordinated ministries [up to 1980] such as:

  • •·        Broadcasting three weekly radio programs that covered Ukraine and the entire Soviet bloc.  These programs were beamed from Trans World radio in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  One of the programs was designed especially for children.  It is estimated that from 10 to 15 million listeners tuned in to each program.
  • •·        Publishing books, hymnals, magazines, Scriptures, Sunday School lessons, tracts and other printed materials through a publishing division.  More than 100 book titles were produced from 1954 – 1980.
  • •·         Provided material aid to relatives of prisoners who were in jail because of their faith and to other needy believers in Ukraine.
  • •·        Distributed Bibles and Christian literature not only in the Free World where Ukrainians reside, but also in Ukraine and elsewhere behind the “Iron Curtain” [prior to 1991]. Importing Bibles and Christian literature was forbidden by communist governments, so this activity was performed surreptitiously, painstakingly and in a costly manner.  Since the recipients could not pay for these Bibles and books, they were provided free of charge.
  • •·        Interceded on behalf of persecuted Christians in Ukraine and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union by petitioning the United Nations, former Soviet leaders, and government officials in the United States, Canada and other countries.
  • •·        Convening its international congress every five years and sponsoring special observances such as the 125th anniversary of the Ukrainian Baptist movement in 1977, an annual “Day of Prayer” for persecuted believers, and other events.

All of these ministries were supported by the free-will donations of Christians in the Free World.

The AUEBF is a non-profit religious organization established in 1949.

In 1980, the following individuals served in the following positions:


PRESIDENT: Rev. O.R. Harbuziuk [USA]

VICE PRESIDENT: Rev. S. Skoworodko [Canada]

VICE PRESIDENT: Rev. D. Marychuk [USA]

GENERAL SECRETARY: Rev. V. Domashovetz [USA]

DEPUTY SECRETARY: Dr. M. Brych [Canada]

TREASURER: Rev. J. Iwaskiw [Canada]



      Rev. A. Huryn [USA]

      Rev.  A. Piatocha [Canada]

      Editor M. Podworniak [ Canada]

ARGENTINA: Rev. M. Bachor

AUSTRALIA: Rev. G. Lutaniuk

ENGLAND: Rev. P. Donchenko

An updated history of the AUEBF since 1980 will be available when completed.

© Ukrainian Baptist Heritage Centre
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